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In this section, you’ll find various Kindle books on time management and productivity tips to improve your business and personal life. All Kindle books are written by Chris Diamond. So if you have a Kindle device, you can download and read the books in it.

What’s Kindle?

This is a reading device (eReader) where you can read books digitally or electronically, without turning on your laptop or personal computer. It enables users to shop, download, and browse books on various topics via Wireless networking.

Why Amazon Kindle?

You can read books everywhere. The device is small and portable. It has a long battery life, and you can download books in seconds!

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Here are some of the books you may want to consider:

12 Powerful Lessons To Build And Improve Your Online Business While Working From Home - Kindle Edition

Are you trying to build an online business? Do you struggle with it?

You do not have to start from scratch anymore. I am going to give you a great head start to build your online business.

You are about to discover 12 PROVEN strategies to build a successful online business. You can use those strategies as “templates” in order to increase your chances of success.

Once you follow a successful system like this, your success will be inevitable. All you have to do is just to follow those 12 strategies to make sure you are on the right track.

It does not matter in what kind of niche market your are in, as long as you have any type of online business, these strategies will be helpful to you. They are more like “general laws.” If you do not “obey them” you’ll lose time, money and resources.

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30 Ways To Improve Performance At Work And Personal Life - First Edition - Kindle Edition

Stress and anxiety come from the inability to meet certain demands on time.

Achieving a balance between business and personal life is critical to success, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities. You’ll learn how to become dramatically more productive in order to reach that balance.

The goal of this report is to help you feel a greater sense of ease and being less preoccupied by all unfinished tasks.

Here’s what you’ll learn: – How do you need to start your day in order to achieve maximum performance and results?

– What should you do when there are a lot of distractions daily?

– How to eliminate house chores without lifting a finger?

– Why organizing things do not work, and what to do instead?

– How to organize your work effectively without getting sidetracked?

– What’s the difference between information and education and how that relates to your productivity in our over communicated society?

– What if you are not a computer guy, can you still manage tasks and get things done on your computer faster? If so, how?

– Why perfectionism does not work, and what to do instead?

– What are the three levels of outsourcing?

– What you need to do in order to have more energy to get things done?

– Why is failure a good thing and how to use it at your advantage?

– How to balance business/work and personal life?

– What you need to do in order to eliminate unproductive habits?

– When you do need to avoid working and why?

– What’s the number one skill you need to learn in order to get the most out of your time and efforts?

– And much more…

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30 Ways To Improve Performance At Work And Personal Life - Second Edition - Kindle Edition


The techniques in “30 Ways To Improve Performance At Work And Personal Life – Second Edition” are presented in a seamless and easy to understand fashion, allowing the reader to move from one problem to the next without overwhelming your sense of comprehension.

However, this report makes the reader calm and comfortable, and able to visualize the simplicity of increasing performance. Reading this will save you lots of time wasted on anxiety and worry over stress, and dramatically increase your productivity as a result.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 2nd edition:

– How to avoid family conflicts so that you do not get distracted from your work?

– Why sharing your plans and dreams can be dangerous and what to do instead?

– What’s the difference between control and risk, and how they are related to your personal productivity?

– Why is perfectionism the cash-flow’s biggest enemy?

– Why should you keep your enemies closer?

– What to do if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed to turn things around?

– Why planning can backfires and what to do instead?

– How to never write a single check again in order to focus on more important things?

– What if you are tired from envelopes and junk mail that are constantly coming from the postal services, and how to eliminate them completely?

– How to get other people to escort you when visiting foreign places for free?

– How to increase your learning potential by 50%?

– How to prevent any data loss from your computer?

– What to do if your project is moving slowly and how to pick up a speed?

– How to distinguish the urgent from the important?

– What’s the best way to overcome procrastination and anxiety?

– How to reduce the temptation of “getting sidetracked?”

– Why socializing can kill your productivity and what to do instead?

– And much more…

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30 Ways To Improve Performance At Work And Personal Life - Third Edition - Kindle Edition

You are about to discover 30 time saving tips in order to improve your performance and build, grow, or even maintain a profitable business.

I’ll show you in detail, not just what to do, but how to do it. All of the 30 tips are practical and used by top performers and time management experts who really achieve extraordinary results.

The goal of this report is to help you:

– get more available time out of your busy schedule

– get more done in significantly less time

– increase your energy to get things done

– stay focused on tasks without getting sidetracked

– have more confidence in your outcome without getting distracted by “shiny objects”

– increase your leverage, without being dependent on other people

– improve your personal productivity

– outsource effectively

– and much more…

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The Art of Saying No While Trying To Work? - 'Guilt Free' Productivity Report! - Kindle Edition

Do you feel guilty when you say no to other people?

When it comes to building a business on the Internet, it brings the convenience of working from home or anywhere around the world.

However, things like distractions, requests, and demands from other people are holding us back, especially if they do not serve our current projects. So, how to deal in such situations?

In this productivity report, you’ll know exactly: – How to say no to demands and requests without feeling guilty?

– How to achieve higher levels of performance, even if you are not good in planning?

– What are some of the most important skills when it comes to prioritizing and organizing things so that you can finish tasks and projects on time?

– How to break the chains of obligation other people have on us, and more importantly, learning the skills to say no at anytime we want WITHOUT being mean and disrespectful to others?

– What you need to do in order to tap into higher levels of performance?

– How to track your time in order to unleash your profits potential?

– And much more…

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Top 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make In Eliminating Distractions - Productivity Report! - Kindle Edition

Working from home involves hard work. That’s because most of the time we get ton of distractions that kill our productivity. Such as kids, unexpected visits, emails, phone calls, instant messaging, social media, etc.

If you avoid those 7 mistakes, you’ll be much more productive at your work, therefore your income will increase significantly. You’ll get more time for friends, family and hobbies that completely recharge your system.

Be and live happier!

Get this productivity report now to learn what you SHOULD NOT be doing when it comes to building, maintaining, and growing your online business, especially if you work from home.

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Speed Reading: How To Read A Book in 15 Minutes? - Kindle Edition

How would you like to read a book of any length and topic in just 15 minutes?

I am going to explore some non-traditional ways of reading books, in order to acquire MORE knowledge by reading LESS. Therefore, you are going to save a lot of time taking action or implementing ideas.

I am going to show you secrets most people would never know about speed reading. I’ll give you some practical techniques you can use today to boost your reading speed and book completion.

If it takes days, even weeks to complete a book, then you want to consider getting this speed reading report in order to get the most out of your available time.

This report is not for people who read books for entertainment or simply to waste their time. If you read books just to kill time, this e-report is not for you.

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How To Improve Your Memory And Concentration To Increase Your Business Productivity? - Kindle Edition

Pay attention. You can’t remember something if you never learned it, and you can’t learn something — that is, encode it into your brain — if you don’t pay enough attention to it.

If you want to improve your memory, retention, and ability to memorize – this productivity report is for you.

You are going to learn: – 17 memory secrets to improve your memory registration, retention, and recall.

– The art of learning and how it relates to memory?

– What’s the difference between knowing and understanding?

– How do we learn?

– The art of forgetting: research and facts

– The power of associations when it comes to improving concentration and memory

– Types of memory and how they relate to your productivity?

– Q&A session with some of the most frequent questions about memory improvement and concentration

– Cone of learning revealed

– and much more…

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How To Improve Concentration And Stay Focused At Work - The Art Of Getting Focused - Kindle Edition

Are you getting sidetracked from your work as a result of distractions, worrying, wondering, and curiosity?

Today, we do not just live in the Information Age, but in the “Distractions Age.” There’s so much going on around us, but our available time seems to shrink even more.

I decided to create this productivity report for a few reasons:

1. Busyness does not always mean productive work. You’ll learn how to get “clean focus” and improve your concentration on your tasks in order to get them done, without procrastinating and postponing the important stuff. Moreover, you’ll feel less busy and accomplish a lot more as a result.

2. Most people consider multitasking as a good strategy to get things done. Now, that’s very disturbing to me, because I am going to show you how multitasking can HURT your productivity, and what you have to do instead (page 5).

3. Most business owners hesitate about opportunities and not taking proper action to get things done. I am going to show you how to battle this temptation and break free from the paralysis of fear and uncertainly that are causing inaction, doubts and procrastination.

4. A lot of people react on things, based an emotional impulse. I am going to outline the difference between REACTION and RESPONSE (page 7). That’s because if you can’t distinguish the urgent from the important, you are less likely to achieve the result you want.

5. Most people confuse activity with productivity. If you understand the difference between both, you’ll be able to focus and become dramatically more productive at your work (page 7)

6. Most of us have a lot that’s going on in our heads. We can’t clearly focus on things, because we have all those distracting thoughts while trying to work. I am going to show you a very powerful technique that’s going to solve this problem once and for all (page 8).

Surprisingly enough, I’ve learned this from Bruce Lee. I do not know anything about martial arts in order to apply his principles. You’ll see what I mean when you get to page 8 of this productivity report.

7. A lot of people today, with the invention of Facebook, Twitter, and other time wasters on the Internet, find a hard time to organize their time for work. Even if you have a lot of commitments, demands and obligations – you are always short on time to work and do what’s important to you.

That’s why in this productivity report, I am going to show you how to work more effectively, spending less time to work, and accomplishing a lot more as a result. (See page 10).

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