7 Things You Should Not Be Doing When It Comes To Building Partnerships

As we already discussed the relationship between partnerships and time management, now it is the time to show you different mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to building the community of partners and mastermind groups.

This is important because if you can’t sustain those relationships, you are very likely to lose your exposure and online presence in the future. You want to maintain those relationships for a long period of time, because as your business involves, creating more products and services, you are going to need someone to endorse you (spreading the word about you). It is best if you want to test things out or simply trying to reach the next level.

Some of those mistakes are fundamental, based on years of trial and error, learning from different mentors and experimenting with different things.


Mistake #1: Not giving a room to “breathe”

Most people try to impress the new connection in many different ways. So they are hanging on that person, giving them too much attention at the beginning. This can backfires, because it shows that you are needy and insecure.

It is best, if you seem more like a busy person in the eyes of your partners, and if you happen to spend some time with them, it would be a privilege. This increases your social status and communicates that you have more important things to do.

Let them become comfortable around you, you may advance, but do not push.


Mistake #2: The Victim Mode

If you communicate the message or constantly complaining of previous bad relationships with other partners, people tend to judge you as insecured. Never position yourself as “the victim.”

Instead, take responsibility and create a good will.

Good will is created when you help people out. If you are always complaining about things, people will get annoyed.


Mistake #3: Anger

If you are getting upset over people for different reasons, you have to learn to let go. If a person does not meet your expectations, and fail to keep certain promises, the worse thing you can do is to get angry at them. You do not want to judge people for what they do or say, because it kills the relationship very fast.

Getting upset communicates the message of being emotionally unstable.


Mistake #4: Looking for others to make decisions

Often, people like it when you decide what’s going to happen and then do it. When you create content (swipe files) for your partners, they can promote it to their audience as affiliates. It is a form of “making the decision for them.”

The goal is to make it easy for them: create the marketing, the content, the decisions to make it work. In the process, they can make all necessary modifications that suit their needs, based on what you give them.

They should have only 3 choices: to accept it, to modify it, or reject it.


Mistake #5: Showing off to get attention

Most people do not need to see how successful or how cool you are, they have to discover it themselves. If you are trying to impress your partners, sooner or later they’ll figure out the “real you.” It’s always better to start off on a right foot, because what you establish as a first impression would be the most important thing to get their attention.

Showing off does not evoke curiosity, but jealousy. It appears that you are too needy to get someone’s attention. It is not a good strategies to find great partners and build relationships with them. Often, it does exactly the opposite.

When you talk about accomplishments, you send the message that you try to get something from your partners (looking for approval). Instead of talking about yourself, talk about the most favorite topic for everybody: themselves. What’s in it for them?


Mistake #6: Arguing

I’ve done this a lot of time, and it took me a long time to figure out. Sometimes it is good just to “shut up.” Never judge other people, if you want to make good friends and connections.

You may challenge their ideas, but never argue. It is a relationship killer, trust me on this one.Having the need to be right repels more than it actually attracts.


Mistake #7: Not keeping your promises

When you make promises you can’t keep, the person on the other side labels you as insencere. This temptation kills any trust potential partners may have for you, and creates doubts. It is risky to have others endorse you to their clients, and if you do not deliver on your promises you can lose your partners and your business.

Never make promises you can’t keep!

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  2. Patricia - hey Chris, interesting post. I used to do mistake #1 a lot, leaning on people (too much). It scares them…

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