The Company’s Mission

What’s Our Aim and The Purpose of This Website?

I grew up in a poor 3rd world country.

The people were very conservative, lived in fear and quite isolated. They seemed to always complain about life and how some politicians were screwing up their lives. However, this did not let me down, even though I was shy and very introverted.

I’ve always wanted to do something better with my life, and I was always choosing carefully my friends and did not allow negative people to my life.

As I hit the age of 18, I was accepted in a university in my home town with a major I did not quite like. And I thought, okay, after the first year I can transfer to the major of my choice, and I accepted.

Despite this fact, this period represented one of my best years in my life, but I couldn’t manage to transfer to the major I wanted.

One day, as I left the lecture hall, I saw a poster that promoted “work and travel exchange program” to the United States. As a kid, I’ve been watching all Hollywood movies, promoting “Uncle Sam,” the “American Dream,” the “country of unlimited possibilities,” and many other symbols associated with “freedom.”

I’d decided to give it a shot. That was the beginning of a journey that changed the course of my entire life, discovering things I never thought were possible.


Freedom Seemed to Be the Driving Force to Change Things Around in Order to Get a Better Lifestyle for Myself and My Family

As my understandings involved over the years, I’ve discovered different types of freedom that could be achieved in a lifetime: financial, physical, sexual, spiritual, political and time freedom.

Each one of them represents a missing piece of an entire puzzle, but not all of them are equally important.

It’s quite individual. Some people may put them in different priorities or order. Others may not be aware of them at all. The key to liberate yourself, in each of those areas, is definitely in the order of importance with which you introduce them into your life.


So, Which One Is The Most Important Of All?

Well, we all know, deep down, inside of us that without time we can’t have anything.

If you have a lot of money, but not having the time to enjoy it, what’s the point? If you work for money, you become its slave, instead, you need a different approach.

If you want to lose weight, be healthier, and get that body you want for whatever reason, but if you do not have the time to exercise or get involved in activities to reach that outcome, you are most likely to fall behind.

If you feel lonely and not having much experience with the opposite sex when it comes to love, affection and intimacy, but if you do not have the time to meet other people, to make new friends, and practice in the field, you are always going to feel “miserable” in this area.

If you can travel everywhere around the world solely for business, but if you schedule is always tight, not having the time to enjoy the new environment, meet people from different cultures, and expand your horizons, you are going to find yourself as a “moving suitcase”without getting the full experience out of your visits.

Finally, if a person is diagnosed with cancer, clearly there’s not much time left to do something in life. It’s the scarcity of time that creates the fear and the frustration from the experience, not the disease itself.

My point here is that if you do not have time to do the things you always wanted, then there’s not much difference between a person who’s diagnosed with cancer and a person without much time. It’s a paralysis that prevents people to do what they really want in this short lifetime.


What’s The Bottom Line?

Time freedom usually comes with a price: learning new skills, developing a self-discipline and constantly improving yourself along the way. In other words, there’s work involved. Nobody does it in the “lazy way.” That’s the reason why this website exists in the first place, to help you make the difference you want and have more time for yourself, your business, your family, by balancing things out and eliminating what’s not important.

Chris Diamond
Founder Of