Today we get bombarded by thousands of training courses and sales messages on the Internet. The next shiny thing comes after another. Perhaps you’ve already subscribed to different newsletters, just to keep track with the next innovative strategy and magic bullet.


But Why Taking So Many Courses Doesn’t Get You Anywhere?

Learning new things can become an addiction, the thirst for knowledge seems to overwhelm our senses, and we do not take action. Taking one training course after another, just because we try to avoid getting anything done, is the absolute performance killer.

In fact, if we do not take action, the more training courses we watch, read or study, the more confuse we get, because it seems that some ideas contradict with another. The truth is…


What Works For Someone Does Not Necessary Mean Is Going To Work For You

Way too many factors are involved in “what actually works,” such as type of audience, the market you are in, the nature of your products/services, the time when the training course was created, and your individuality. Combining all those may seem to disconnect you from what works when other people teach their training courses.

I am not saying other people’s courses aren’t valuable, especially if you get courses from people with lots of experience, their insights are valuable, and often may help you.

But all the insights they get are based on their own unique situations, and you do not know what that even means to you.

So if someone says to you, “this works better,” in reality, it may perform worse for you. This does not mean that person was lying or anything, but that’s just the way things perform for them.


That’s Why You Want To Test The Hell Out Of Everything

Testing is everything. This is the only way to know what actually is going to work for you. And based on the results you get, and the feedback from your measurements, you’ll get valuable insights to improve your business dramatically. (Read “Why Is Your Business Dead And What To Do About It” article for more information on measurements and testing)

Combining that with the person you trust, and buying courses from them, you can really accomplish a lot, in just a short period of time.


What To Do Before And After You Buy A Training Course?

1) Look for experts. Get training course materials from people who have at least 5+ years of experience in what you are trying to accomplish. Today, everyone has an opinion about anything, even if they do not know what they are talking about. You want to learn from people who have a lot of experience down the road…

2) Take notes on action steps and important points. Outline the action steps the person gives you in the training course. Draw graphs and diagrams to express the point of view of the mentor and what he or she’s teaching you about. Even you may want to create a “flow chart” with the process you are about to implement from that course. Write down the process, with the series of those action steps.

3) Be consistent. Start the course from the beginning to the end. Do all exercises, if applicable, for that training course. Some training courses are giving you exercises. You want to take action immediately, because if you do not do those exercises, what you’ll learn is going to be forgotten very quickly.

4) Write down all “aha” moments. When you have an insight about anything, write them down with your own words. Keep a collection with all your insights, and see how that’s going to help you implementing each action step. You may want to review them ones a week.

5) Name the files properly. If it is a digital course or an information product, rename the files in a way that are going to make sense to you. If you come back to them you know where to look for those ideas that you’ve learned previously. We do not learn the first time we encounter new information. Repetition is necessary to absorb the material completely. However, I found that when you learn as you write, you memorize much better. Revising the notes in a month can help you internalize the information and apply it into your life.

6) Implement the action steps immediately. If you wait 2-3 days, you’ll lose, and the course you’ve taken, is going to be of no value to you. You want to take action immediately, after the course is complete. You may want to review parts of the course again, in case you want to review important points for implementing that action.

7) Apply and test all action steps, but do not expect them to work the first time. See how you can expand that idea on your own, based on what you’ve learned from taking action. This is a process, and it takes time. If the action requires repetition, you may have your own take on that idea, as soon as you measure the performance of it and if it works.

When we take action, we learn things that are beyond the scope of any training course. That’s because, the training course does not give you everything you need. They just give you the direction, or they just open the door for you. You have to walk through it.

That’s because…

According to your specific situation, complications may occur, so you want to emotionally detach yourself from all ideas you get in the training course and test them completely. If they do not work, always be open and try something else.

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