Do you have an online business? What if you can increase profits by shorter amount of time?

Now, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. What I am about to tell you is going to save you tremendous amount of time in building your online business.

Perhaps you already know that to rely on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long process. Different factors are necessary to get in a good ranking in Google. The most critical of all is TIME.

Perhaps you’ve tried PPC ads, Facebook ads, etc, but often they are costly and you risk certain amount of money to promote your products and services. In other words, advertising, getting your message out there, is a time consuming and costly process.

Perhaps you’ve tried to create a website, but there’s no much traffic on it, since nobody knows you, yet, and trusts you, yet.

What if you can get a massive amount of traffic, spend no money, and grow your business in LESS time?

I know, it may sound too good to be true, but I’ve done it, and I’ve seen other people doing it. It works!

Now, I want to introduce you a concept that I’ve learned from Eben Pagan: endorsed marketing.

This is when you have others to say good things about you (building your reputation) or simply be your affiliate. By others, I mean people who are your COMPETITORS.

That’s right, you have to get your competitors become your partners.


How In The World Are You Going To Accomplish This?

There’s a big misconception about “competition.” Most people think competition is “stealing their businesses.” If there are too much competitors on the marketplace, you are swimming along with the sharks. It is assumed that if they are better than you, they are going to eat you alive or at least “eat your launch.”

This is one of the biggest myths about competition.

Assume abundance. Scarcity and the lack of something is heavily promoted in an abundant world. Why?

That’s because it sells better, people tend to buy things that are scarce. Sometimes this “scarce tendency” is engineered pretty well to encourage profits and margins. It is a psychological tool to “make people” take action.

We live in an abundant world. Your biggest competitor is YOURSELF. That’s because of limited beliefs and assumed constraints.

In reality, your “competitors” can help you bringing more clients, subscribers, lessons, etc.

Of course, not everybody views “competition” in that particular way, but there are people out there who pretty much LOVE this idea. Your job is to find like-minded individuals, help each other out, and “transfer trust” among each other.

One of the best forms of marketing is “endorsed relationships.” You are simply having other business owners who have YOUR clients, who are within your niche market, and who are not viewing competition as competitive, to say good things about you. And with the power of affiliation (or affiliate marketing), they can promote your products and services.

There’s, of course, a little risk involved. If you do not deliver to your promises and if people are not satisfied with your services, the person who promoted you is going to get hurt. That’s why you want to choose your partners carefully and you want to be trustworthy without sending any misleading signals to their audiences.

If you provide bad experience to your partner’s clients, you are going to lose twice as much. Everything has a price, not just a monetary one.


How To Find “Competitors” Who Are Willing To Help You?

There are basically several steps to accomplish that. Ideally, you want to be on a look out every single day. I believe it is always at your best interest to surround yourself with people who are better than you.

It’s all a mind game.

1) Identify the niche market you are in. Why do you want to find partners? Find at least 3 reasons.

2) Search in Google for specific keywords that serve your niche market. Select the top 20 results for each keyword and visit those websites.

3) As you visit their website, look for areas of improvement. When you see something that they can do to make their website better it is usually a good topic for conversations.

4) Contact them via email first. If there’s a phone number, it is preferable to call them in person. If they offer a free session or consultation is it best to act like if you are their client so that you can meet or talk in person.

5) Propose tips and strategies they can implement today to increase their profits or whatever their outcome is. The first interaction should be based on them, not on you and your services. When you gain their trust, then you can talk about your affiliate program.

6) Find a common ground. If you are having the same mentor, using the same marketing approach or something that they are familiar with, it is a great ice breaker. That’s because they are not going to see you as a stranger anymore.

7) After the 3-5th email or phone conversation, meet them in person or talk about your affiliate program. This is when they already know you, trust you and like you into some extent. Before they get to that point, you do not want to mention about your services, unless they ask you out of curiosity.

All you have to do now is to show even more generosity and do not appear as needy.

8.) Follow your instincts. If it does not feel right, terminate the relationship and move on.

If you do not want to lose potential partners and nurture those business relationships, learn the 7 mistakes business owners make that completely destroy their reputation as a leader.


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