For those who think working from home is easy, they probably haven’t done it. It is not easy to work from home, because of all distractions and interruptions that come from all people you love and trust along the way.


The Drama Is Often Tremendous

Because when you have deep focus and when you are 100% engaged on your business, friends and family might feel neglected.

Sometimes even conflicts occur as a result of that, they might try to make you feel guilty for not paying attention to them. The might feel like you are putting your business/career  first, and then your personal life and family second. 

When you work from home, it is very easy to mix your business and personal life, and that’s one of the dangers of it.

In this article I am going to give you some tips in dealing with your friends, family, and loved ones, so that you can really focus at your work, without worrying about conflicts and misunderstanding down the road.

You are going to accomplish a lot more out of your work, in a short period of time, if they leave you alone or understand what you are trying to do.

Of course, you may want to spend more time with them, but sometimes we have to make short-term sacrifices, in order to get long-term success or pleasure. In fact, that’s key!

You have to understand first that Internet business is a new tendency that most people do not yet fully understand. It is the fastest growing industry, but it is very recent. And many people are still skeptical about it (including friends and family). Often, they may challenge you, based on what you are doing and discourage you. That’s completely normal, as long as you stick to your plan and your work, you’ll eventually get there…

It is great to have their support down the road, but if you are strong enough, and have solid believes about what you are doing it is going to work, because you see it is possible (at least in your mind), you have this positive expectancy, you have seen results in advance,  and you’ve seen other people who have done it, and you already KNOW the process, if it is just a matter of time…

…then you have to minimize distractions at all cost and get the business running.


What To Do To Leave You Alone?

1) Show, do not tell – show them what you are doing, it is different than telling or speaking about it. When someone sees your dedication and actual work, they are going to get you more seriously. You want to give them examples, and show them the potential benefits out of what you are doing. They may not understand it completely, but if you speak with a passion, they’ll get it, because they know you.

When I was back at my parents house, I was doing my work there… and they were calling me all the time for small favors that distracted me from my work, giving me small tasks and things to do, and I said, “look, this is what I am doing, and this is how it works, it is very important to me so I’d like to spent some time doing it.” I simply got them to understand that working from home is not playing, it is actual work, because they do not know that…

2) Be Honest – if you lie to them or exaggerate about the potential your business may bring, you may lose your integrity in their eyes, especially with friends. Tell them it is not easy what you are doing, and you may fail sometimes, so there’s no 100% guarantee to work the first time, but you KNOW that it is going to work.

3) Instant Gratification – often times we have to balance it out, we can’t just work all the time. But if we seek for instant gratification more often, and not paying attention to our work, when you begin working, they are not going to get you seriously. One day you are doing or saying one thing, another day something else. This may be a little misleading for them, so make sure you have clear plans when to work, and when to have breaks and have some fun.

4) Be Mysterious – that’s the final stage. Do the work, don’t talk about it. After they understand and get you seriously, now it is the time to put yourself into the right frame of mind. Now, you want to talk less about what you are doing and do more of it. Action is everything, if you just talk, eventually people won’t believe you, because they see and assume things based on actions, not your talk.

In fact, talking about what you are planning to do is the enemy of doing what you’re talking about.

At the beginning is great to tell them everything and actually show them what you are doing, but you do not want them to keep messing around and actually giving you ideas, because they do not know anything about online business.

In other words, you do not want to become “the reporter” and informing them for everything you are going to do with your business. At this point, keep it all to yourself and share it only with those who you are working (partners, team members) – not your friends and family.

If you follow those 4 tips closely, and in that order, you’ll get tremendous success when it comes to having others to leave you alone while trying to work, without damaging your relationship with them.

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