Lack of motivation is the main cause of failure. 

If you are not in touch with your passion and what you want to achieve out of life, you are never going to get things done. Nothing is going to move you – or motivate you, unless you motivate yourself first. 

Most people walk through life half-asleep, taking on one task after another to keep themselves in the busy mode

What do you need to do in order to pull this burden out of you and approach things differently in life?

You need to create a vision that ignites your passion. A vision is a future outcome you want to achieve or problem to avoid for various reasons. 

Will you drive a car without knowing your destination? Unfortunately, many people are driving their cars without any sense of where there are going. This path leads to frustration and anxiety out of life, because there’s always something that would be missing – a destination. 

Where do you want to go in live? What goals do you have? What do you want to accomplish? 

Why you want to go where you want to go? Why do you have those goals in the first place? Why you want to accomplish what you want to accomplish?

Most people have a hard time finding their true motivation behind their actions. They have no idea what motivates them – getting involved in activities that are not serving them well.

If you clearly know your outcome, you’ll find your true motivation there. 

For instance, why do you want to start a business in the first place? 

If your answer is to get money is not good enough. You need to ask yourself why do you want to get more money?

If your answer is to get out of debt, why is so important to get out of debt? 

If your answer is to get more freedom, what does freedom mean to you? Why is freedom so important?

This can be for numerous of reasons – like to spend more time with family, do whatever you want, go wherever you want, etc. 

If you motivation behind starting a business is just to make money it is not going to get you far. But if you want to be able to provide to your family, be with them, and do whatever you want is a much stronger motivator to get engaged and do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

True motivation comes from your passion. Your passion comes from your goals. Your goals come from your ability to bring change: to either achieve a result or avoid pain. 

Once you have that clarity of what your outcome would look like (your vision), set your goals around to accomplish that vision. 

For instance, what’s the vision of the company you want to create? The vision does not have to involve your self or some personal gains, but what the people who become part of your company can get?

The key is to be specific and have an emotional outcome in mind – something that would bother you if not done in one way or another. You want to relate your outcome to something you can measure, touch or feel. That’s how you can get a feedback whether you are moving closer to your outcome or not. The closer you move to your outcome, the more engaged you are going to be to endure failures along the way. 

For instance, if you make $30,000 you can travel to Italy, Amsterdam, and paddle around in a boat through the Grand Canal of Venice. Then you can go to China and visit the Forbidden City, see the massive constructions there and go to Shanghai to visit some friends from Facebook who promised you to take you on a tour. If you are that specific, how hard you are going to work on your outcome and get $30,000 as a net cash-flow income. 

It all starts with your believes. You need to believe that it is possible to reach that outcome first, because you can’t fool yourself for that long. When you see the process on how to get there, it becomes a matter of time. The work that needs to be done along the way will not feel like work at all, because you have a clearly defined outcome. 

You need to calculate how much money (passive income) you need to generate per day to reach your outcome. If $1,000/day will do the trick, what you need to do to make it happen? 

There are things you can do on the Internet can bring you a pretty steady cash-flow, especially if you produce things constantly: new books, new videos, new products, new podcasts, etc.  Nothing will happen out of the blue, if you do not produce what people want to buy. 

Once you know how much money you need to make per day to achieve your financial independence, you’ll do what works, which instantly will give you the motivation to push through challenges to make it reality. 

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