Procrastination is really the enemy of progress. If we know our goals, we have a plan to follow, but for some reason we procrastinate and on TOP of that we want to learn how to overcome procrastination, but we even procrastinate reading stuff about overcoming procrastination.

Why is that? Is it because we are too lazy to do the things that are really important to us? Or it is something else…


What You’ll Learn?

In this article, I am going to show you a simple way to make procrastination your friend, instead of fighting it. Why? That’s because it is already an established habit that’s driving things to another direction. And habits are tough to break, it usually takes up to 30 days to establish a new habit, and eliminate the old one. It comes with persistent commitment, consistency and determination.


Here’s How To Make Procrastination Your Friend

1) Do the most important and unpleasant task FIRST, and procrastinate the rest. You want to procrastinate checking emails, going on Facebook, and checking stats to see if someone sent you a message or talked about you.

Simply, say to yourself, “well if I check my email, I am not going to find something significant or interesting at the moment, and if I do not see what my friends are doing on Facebook, it is not going to be a big deal, or perhaps I am going to check it later.”

When you make the small things uninterested or boring, you are going to procrastinate them, so this will allow you to focus at your most important activities.

2) Set “Oxygen” Goalssetting goals may not seem to work for you pretty well. That’s because they are too vague or not specific enough. I did not like setting goals to myself either, but ones I did it correctly, I just did not stop conquering and setting new ones. This alone motivates the hell out of me.

The more specific goals you set to yourself, the less likely to procrastinate on tasks necessary to achieve those goals.

Example: If I set a goal that’s, let’s say, “make money online,” this is NOT going to do it. Why? Because it is not specific. The abstract things, does not seem to engage us and it does not seem to motivate us. It is like saying “fruit,” it can be anything, but if you say, “I love bananas” or whatever your favorite fruit is, you know that it is NOT any fruit, but a specific one.

If you see the outcome clearly, and the results that are going to bring that outcome, you are going to invest more emotions to it, and eventually overcoming the threshold of the procrastination.

Most people do not get the “setting goals” part. The truth is…

Setting goals is like being under water. How bad you want to get back to the surface to get some air, after a long time under the water without oxygen? The more you stay under the water, the more you’ll fight to get oxygen. That’s goal setting, you know what you want specifically, “oxygen” you want to breathe and you want to survive. That’s the motivation and the determination you need from yourself to set your goals correctly.

So every time you set a goal, ask yourself, “Can I breathe?” If the answer is “yes, sure” then you want to dive more deeper into the water, until you become desperate enough to need that desired outcome: getting more oxygen.

3) Get lazy at checking emails and social media stats – the excitement and the curiosity that comes with checking stats makes you do it over and over again. Create curiosity about the most important tasks you have to complete, even if you are currently postponing it.

Ask yourself, “Why am I postponing this task?” Find ways you can benefit from completing the task you aren’t interested as much or the task you are postpone the most. Find reasons to do it, even turn the things around, say it is not hard doing this, or it is a piece of cake and get it done.

The more you can “fake it” the more you’ll believe it, and eventually take it for granted. This is what you want.

The more you tell “lies” to yourself, the more you are going to believe them and eventually, what you thought of unpleasant, you are going to find it quite fun. I know it sounds weird, but if you try this, you’ll see results – guaranteed.


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