Leadership is critical, when it comes to managing other people and getting returning customers. If we do not understand the psychology behind it, we are going to spinning our wheels.

Most people think, influencing others is like manipulating them. If we want to manipulate others, just because our sale is the goal, then sooner or later we are going to lose our clients and business, because “the rhythm” of any business lies within the relationship between you, your customers and your team.

Business is a repetitive process, the way we treat people ones is going to determine any future interactions with those people, and every successful leader knows that returning customers are the ones that maintain and grow your business.

So we need to know what we can do to create better future interactions with our team members, customers and partners.

We want to establish some work ethic that sustains our credibility and trustworthiness, this is what leadership does.

Let’s get a little deeper…

To be a successful leader, we have to understand some important principals:


Principal #1: The Only Limitations We Have Are Those We Set To Ourselves

We do not operate on this world directly. We establish some sort of a belief system that determines what’s possible and what’s not. Then through that belief system or module of reality, we make things happen.

Even our self-image is determined by the beliefs we hold as “who we are.” We simply become who we are that’s related to the belief system we hold in our heads.

Just as if we drive a car on a road. We do not operate directly on the road, but the car does.

So that’s a good example of operating indirectly to a given action. That’s exactly the same with our beliefs.

We have to¬†first establish a belief about something, before it happens, that’s going to determine the direction of our life.

What this has to do with leadership? Well powerful beliefs shape or define people as who they are, and if you know how to change another person’s belief, you are having the ability to influence that person into the direction you want them to go.

This is very powerful stuff, and if you use it ethically and correctly, you are going to be a great leader.


Principal #2: Beliefs Determine One’s Destiny.

We all have certain value system that determines our goals and desires, it determines the way we think, pursue, react and act upon things. The beliefs you hold about yourself are going to be reflected to others, and they are going to respond back to you based on those beliefs.

All people have a value system that is telling them what’s right and what’s wrong. Well, those beliefs are like a fence, they are setting limits to what we can achieve, because what the mind conceives it can achieve.

If we believe in a certain way that things aren’t going to work, we’ll find proactive ways to support that belief.


Principal #3: Wisdom Comes From Multiple Perspectives

People make decisions that aren’t based on the information you give them, but how well that information fits their particular model of the world, reality or a belief system. We all have different beliefs, thus we all live in different worlds, based on those beliefs.

It is insane to think that we all interpret this world in only one way, that’s not the case. Different people see the world differently, because they have different models of the reality that are determined by their beliefs. Their inner reflection is what mirrors out their outer world. They only see what they believe in.

The world is interpreted by series of events and circumstances that form beliefs, based on one’s previous experience. If you change one’s belief, you change their view of the world – it is very powerful.

Successful leaders know the beliefs of others, they see through their experiences. Leaders have the ability to see things through multiple perspectives – and that’s key!

If you look the world through another person’s eyes, you are going to draw a very different picture from your own.

That’s why, if you understand what’s like to be another person, and see their desires, fears and frustrations, you know how to influence them. You know how to put them into a direction that’s consistent with their own values. And they can’t do anything but follow you, because they want badly the direction you outline for them. That’s because you understand them, and they know it.

If you just manipulate others, you are going against their values and current models of the world or beliefs, because you want them to do something that’s associated with your OWN values, not theirs. That’s the difference between influencing others and manipulating others, even through the line that separates both is very thin.


Some Beliefs Hold People Back From The Success They Want

Those beliefs are often a contradiction of what one can achieve. That’s why successful leaders “destroy” unproductive beliefs and plant new seeds in one’s mind to give birth to more productive beliefs .

In order to do this, people have to trust you, because if they do not, challenging one’s belief can become defensive and unpleasant.

People even FIGHT for what they believe is true, so if they do not trust you as a leader, there’s almost no way of destroying one’s unproductive belief.

Because simply you are giving them different ways to view the world, and they have to accept it as practical and possible in order to change the beliefs they hold within themselves.


So, How To Destroy Or Attack Unproductive Beliefs?

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