This section is designed to show you some of the best tools when it comes to time management and personal productivity to build, maintain and grow your online business. Most of the tools out there are insufficient. That’s I am going to show you some of the tools you need to consider in order to get things done. 

Note: Do not try to use many different tools. Pick one that suit your needs, and stick to it. Otherwise, you’ll get DISTRACTED and you won’t be getting the job done – guaranteed!


The Action Machine

Do you struggle with procrastination? You are about to learn how to organize your tasks or activities so that you can be dramatically more productive and get the job done. This software is going to help you stay motivated, organize activities, overcome procrastination and get things done.

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KAJABI – “Push-Button Simple” Marketing Platform

Get the “technology part” out of your way when it comes to building an online business. If you are struggling with a piece of programming code for building  your website, like CSS, HTML, PHP, Java Scripts, HTML 5, etc., this software is going to eliminate a lot of the hassle for you.

It has templates and “fill the blanks” opportunities that eliminate the decision-making out of your way.

One of the biggest bottlenecks to productivity is decision-making. It takes a lot of time to choose the design, colors, font, headline, background, etc. for our websites. Kajabi takes care of that with a click of a button!

And the best of all: it’s a great tool for creating a training center for your outsource workers, especially if you hire people abroad to work on your online business.

You can create social community sites instantly!

Memberships sites that SELL!

It’s useful for marketing events and product lunches.

“This is NOT a blog, it’s NOT a CMS that you can use for e-commerce, it’s NOT a hack or a mod of something else, it’s a pure marketing technology” – Andy Jenkins (CEO & Founder Of Kajabi)

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Livescribe Smart-Pen: Never Miss A Word!

This is a great outsourcing tool, especially when you communicate your ideas and have other people implementing them. As we live in a global economy, and hiring workers in other countries, it is often difficult to communicate our ideas via chat, emails, social media and other instant messaging methods.

Now, you can use this tool to record your own voice as you draw your ideas on interactive board sessions. Then you can have them uploaded on your laptop and send them to your workers.

This is a digital pen. It can literally transfer notes on your computer screen. You can’t miss a word, when you use this tool!

Communication is key when it comes to building, maintaining and even growing an online business. This tool can help you sharpen your communication with your team members, partners and even customers.

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Roboform: Automatic Form Filler & Password Manager

I personally use Roboform for YEARS. It saves me a lot of time, because I do not have to fill forms regularly, remember passwords, and visit certain URL addresses to enter my login information. You can use it for remembering and accessing with ONE CLICK WordPress accounts, bank accounts, email accounts, social media accounts, and any type of login form on the web (excluding flash forms).

All passwords and sensitive information can be stored either on your computer or on the web. It has AES 256-bit encryption so no one can access or hack into your personal information.

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