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To ensure that you’ll receive my free valuable tips, you need to do the quick two things:

1) Check your Bulk/ Junk mail folder in your email account, and look to see if my newsletters are there. If you see any, you need to click on the “Not Spam” or “Mark As Safe” button. This is going to tell your Email Provider that you WANT to receive my newsletters regularly.

2) Add me to your Address Book or Contact List. This will help to automate the process, and not checking the spam folder every time to see if my newsletter accidentally was filtered there, and you’ll get newsletters in the future

Many email service providers place restrictions on how they deliver an email to you. Some of those restrictions may prevent you from receiving my newsletters.

For whatever reason, you no longer wish to receive my newsletters, you can cancel at any time. Link is provided at the end of ANY newsletter you receive with accordance to CAN-SPAM Act of 2009

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